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Duo Masque

The power of wellness for your skin

What it does

DuoMasque by SilkSkin combines the healing power of natural, homeopathic ingredients, with modern cosmetic science to deliver firmer, smoother, more blemish-free and radiant skin – quickly and easily.

DuoMasque acts fast to make your skin healthier than ever. It’s an important part of your holistic wellness regime, helping you to be healthy inside and out.

DuoMasque is ideal for everyone from teenagers experiencing acne and blemished skin, to adults with aging skin starting to show lines and wrinkles. Its light, clear formula is easily brushed on, and then simply rinsed off with cold water, leaving you with smoother, tighter, clearer skin in a matter of minutes.

How it works

DuoMasque’s powerful combination of homeopathic ingredients and modern skincare formulas act together to instantly smooth and tighten your skin, within minutes of application. The proprietary BioHexol™ homeopathic blend in DuoMasque then infuses your skin over time, providing it with lasting vitality.

Visible results appear within just one week. The long-lasting effects continue with applications of just six minutes, two times per week.

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Founded in 1985, SilkSkin brings a holistic approach to beauty by providing quality, proven skincare products that contribute to overall wellness. We’re serious about skincare because we believe that our products can help our customers experience true well-being and confidence, making a better world for everyone. SilkSkin products are animal cruelty free.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

At SilkSkin, we understand the significance of making a skincare choice that not only promises ageless results but also offers you peace of mind. Every SilkSkin product purchase is backed by our Money-Back guarantee-an embodiment of our commitment to your satisfaction and the effectiveness of our premium skincare products.

We believe that choosing skincare products is an investment in your overall wellness and should come risk-free. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the SilkSkin product container(s) within 6 months of the order date for a prompt refund of your purchase price minus the S&H fee.